The Cat Radio Award Winners 2019!

What a night in The Cat Radio calendar! Thank-you to everyone who was involved this year and congratulations to not only our amazing winners but to all the nominees who received fantastic feedback from our industry judges!


Judged by Mike Cass, Content Director of Virgin Radio UK

This category is for the best male student radio presenter who has shown outstanding effort for their overall presentation style and skills, including production and rapport with their audience.


“As the audio went on, you really got a sense of music passion & knowledge that you don’t hear in a lot of presenters these days. As Dan became more relaxed into the show, you could hear someone who loves what he plays and wants to share that passion with you rather than just keep it to himself.”. 

– Mike Cass


Judged by Fiona Sadler. Bauer Radio Presenter.

This category is for the best female student radio presenter who has shown outstanding effort for their overall presentation style and skills, including production and rapport with their audience.


Informative tone when dealing with subject of sexism in sport but changes when topic is lighter. Good use of light and shade. Great questions and friendly approach with interviewees. Localises the programme with the a local focus on band interview questions. Sounds excited to be on air and enthusiastic. 2 different skills – interviewing and presenting and seems comfortable and confident in both. Clearly very knowledgeable and clued up on current topics and those she’s interviewing too.

– Fiona Sadler


Judged by Lois & Oli, Presenters at Heart North & Mid-Wales

For this category we are looking for a programme that brings together your best entertaining content with an emphasis on the items and links within, acknowledging the person or persons responsible for devising, writing and producing them.


Marland & Rushton complement each other as co-hosts. They have a good rapport on air. Their links were well structured & concise. The content was relatable & engaging but presented in an original way. One thing to keep in mind is while your audience expects originality be careful when bringing random sounds onto the air. They can be funny when used in the right places. Loved the song, we felt it was very authentic & gave the show a different edge. Good luck in the future. 

– Lois & Oli


Judged by Wendy Middleton, Presenter at BBC Radio Sheffield

This category recognises the creation of speech programming. This can include items from the VP or Knowledge show, Fresh shows and any specialist programmes designed to inform/educate and maybe even entertain listeners.


This submission had an interesting range of content even though dealing with just one subject. The different angles were explored effectively and we heard from a number of different interested parties. This was the entry which displayed the widest range of what goes into good speech programming: an interesting topic, knowledgeable and interesting speakers and well researched facts.

– Wendy Middleton


Judged by Alex James, Presenter at The Hits Radio UK

This category recognises is for programmes that were produced outside of the stations studios. Judges will be examining the way in which entries captured the essence of the event and how the live event or OB connected with both the audience at the event and the audience listening to the programme. Your entry should clearly detail how technical difficulties were overcome in producing the broadcast.


Matt Thomas, Jo O’Brien, Rhys Bithell & Richard Shoniwa

Clearly this was an ambitious project with everyone involved taking a very important role in delivering the OB.The quality of audio – presenters, guests and live music should be commended – this is by no means an easy thing to achieve and the resulting audio is very clear.The OB has a strong local element in the choice of venue and there is a clear passion from all involved that this is something all the participants enjoy and are interested in.

The OB has a clear aim, is structured well and would be of interest to a target student audience.

– Alex James


Judged by Darren Milby, Producer at Heart Lancashire & Cumbria

This category recognises one outstanding interview. Whether this is with a charity, a band or with a lecturer.


Matt is very passionate about Coral’s music and in turn this puts the guest at ease and brings out her enthusiasm for the interview. Matt is control of the interview at all times in a challenging live situation. He namechecks the station and the guest at appropriate points so as not to alienate any listeners just tuning in. The conversation sounds warm and friendly and is really entertaining to listen to and Matt’s enthusiasm is infectious.

– Darren Milby

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