A glamorous evening celebrating the effort and talent that goes into the Cat Radio. There will be nominations and awards for the following categories:

Best Male 

Celebrating the BEST MAN on The Cat Radio.

Best Female

Celebrating the BEST WOMAN on The Cat Radio.

Funniest Moment

Taking a look at THE FUNNIEST MOMENT on The Cat. Everything from Funny stories to hilarious mistakes on air.


Best Interview

Awarding THE BEST INTERVIEW on The Cat.

Best Sports Content

Get your bets in now for THE BEST SPORTS CONTENT on The Cat.

Best Newcomer

Congratulating THE BEST NEWBIE on The Cat.

Best specialist show

Celebrating THE BEST SPECIALIST SHOW on The Cat.

Best VP & Knowledge

Awarding the producers of THE BEST VP or KNOWLEDGE SHOW on The Cat.

Best Fresh 

Commending the producers and presenters of THE BEST FRESH SHOW on The Cat.

Unsung hero

Nominate someone who you think is the Unsung Hero at The Cat Radio. Someone who puts in lots of work, but gets little recognition.

The Golden Cat

The extra-special extra-secret award.

Check back here or keep an eye out on our social media pages for the latest information, including times, tickets and more.

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