Student Success: 2

Elspeth Woolsey, studied Radio Production and Television Production at The University of Chester.

Elspeth told us she has many good memories from studying at the Warrington campus. With regards to the course “I loved knowing that my lecturers were not just teaching media but they were actively working in the industry with industry contacts. I trusted everything they said, listening to the advice they gave and got amazing work placement and work experience opportunities as a result.”

“The connections I made with my lecturers turned into friendships. I still contact Michelle Ponting (Radio Programme Leader) if I am looking for help or advice. Knowing that you have that support even after you graduate and knowing she wants to see you do well is incredible.”

Elspeth told us a really valuable part of the degree was the Work Based Learning module which consisted of finding work experience for 5 weeks. She recommends current students use the opportunity to meet industry people and figure out on which part of the industry they want to focus on. “Make yourself useful and helpful!” says Elspeth, as work experience led her to an extended freelance opportunity and resulted in one of her first jobs after University.

Elspeth said she had many achievements throughout the course. “I was station manager at The Cat Radio and I think I had the best fun doing this and achieved things I never thought I could do. Having a university station is an amazing opportunity to learn and try things out, it’s such a learning curve! We took an Outside Broadcast to the main campus during elections, interviewed acts that were performing in both Chester and Warring SU’s. We even did a 24 hour show for Children in Need. I really loved the course and opportunity to get stuck in to the radio station.”

Elspeth is very proud and pleased about the friendships and connections she made during these 3 years, as well as her degree classification that she worked very hard to achieve it.

“Right now, I’m a Creative Partnership Senior Project Manager. I basically look after S&P (sponsorship and promotions) clients. I help get their campaigns to air and look after them the whole way through their S&P journey, from booking to on air to result presentation. No two days are the same and I absolutely love my job!!”

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