Student Success: 4

Will Dell is the latest student to accept our challenge of sharing his University of Chester story with us! Will studied Radio Production and Journalism at the Warrington Campus. 

Will, who is now a Podcast producer, graduated with a first in 2018. He spent three years on the campus and fully immersed himself in student life. Will had a couple of shows on The Cat Radio he was also one of the station managers in his final year.

“Everyone who has studied at University of Chester, Warrington Campus will tell you how close-knit the community is there, and it’s true. We got to do some really fun stuff on the radio with people from different year groups and different courses which made The Cat Radio station really fun. There’s also loads of stuff to get involved with, not just on the radio, but someone is always filming something, or doing a photo shoot. You just have to ask, or you can start your own project!”

Will said that he is very proud of the massive effort that he put in to his work, especially in his last year. “It was great being at the helm of The Cat Radio and helping people produce and present their live shows, as well as podcasts etc. I also made some podcast of my own that I am proud of, like The Mind Guide that I produced for Mental Health and Well-being Awareness week.”

He described the last year being really fun and very supportive in terms of the guest speakers who came in to talk and share their advice with the students. Will also organised The Cat Radio Awards as one of his final projects.

“Now I’ve graduated I’m working as a freelance podcast producer. I help my clients all over the world produce podcasts about everything from films and TV, to art and even the paranormal! In 2019 I worked on over 300 hours of audio.”

In 2020, Will is looking forward to work on more shows and even produce an audio-book. So that being said, stay tuned!

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