Contracting to Cheat

There’s a concerning rise of students using so called Essay Mills despite serious consequences. Tom Marland has been looking into the issue for The Cat Radio.

Understanding Dyscalculia

You have probably heard of dyslexia. You might have heard of dyspraxia. Have you heard of dyscalculia? Lauren Duffy has produced this special podcast for The Cat Radio.

Cat Radio Special: Remembering Viola Beach

Two weeks before the tragic deaths of Viola Beach and their manager, the band conducted their last radio interview in The Cat Radio studios.

In this Cat Radio Special, we pay tribute to Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe and Jack Dakin and their manager Craig Tarry.

Berlin Baby!

In February 2019 22 students and staff from the University of Chester – Warrington and Parkgate Road campus’s – boarded a plane and went to Berlin on a study trip. They visited the Bundestag and Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Some went on a David Bowie tour around the city. Others went to the Ramones museum, up the TV tower and a Murlocs gig. A great time was had by all. Have a listen….

The SRA Chart Show: Hosted by The Cat Radio

Every student radio station that is a member of the Student Radio Association gets the opportunity to produce a two hour chart show programme. It is syndicated across other student stations around the UK.

Here is our GOLD winning SRA Chart show.  It won the top prize at the 2018 Student Radio Awards! The show was presented by Richard Wolfenden, Michelle Homan, Craig Taphorn and produced by Will Dell & Cat Warren. It also features and interview with the then Voice UK winner, Mo Jamil.

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