The Mind Guide

The Mind Guide is a 5 part podcast series by Will Dell for The Cat Radio. Focusing on Mental Health and Wellbeing. The podcast is a part of Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness Week here at the University of Chester. There is a new episode every day from the 14th to the 18th of May 2018. If you’ve been affected by anything in the podcast, you can access help through the Hub of Hope.

Wednesday – Episode 3 – Mindfulness

Today on The Mind Guide we’re discussing all things mindfulness and meditation, what is it, and why should we be practising it, and how? This episode features Russell Treasure who’s a seasoned mindfulness teacher, as well as some of the University of Chesters own mental health nursing students.

Tuesday – Episode 2 – Substance

In this episode of The Mind Guide, Will talks to Dr Phil Cooper MBE about substance misuse and how we might be able to identify it in others, and what support is available. For more on Pathways Warrington, check out their website.

Monday – Episode 1 – Lifestyle Medicine

In this first episode, Will talks about the small things we can do on a day to day basis to improve our mental wellbeing. Will talks to mental health nurse Mark Edwards and chief executive of the Mental Health Football Association Colin Dolan. Check back tomorrow for the next episode.

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