About The Cat Radio

Hey you! We’re The Cat Radio. The multi-awarding winning radio station from the University of Chester! We proudly broadcast from our studios here in Warrington across the town on AM radio, across the world online and well pretty much anywhere on your smart phone!

The Cat Radio hosts a whole variety of content, straight from the imaginations of both students and staff here on campus to an avid audience who wants to be entertained, inspired and included.

Cat Radio Jan 2019-39

But we’re not just open to media students! We have people from across the institution joining us to share their passion for music, sport, culture and entertainment!

The Cat Radio is proud have nurtured talent from across the globe, some of whom now work successfully in the media industry using the invaluable skills gaining from our station.

About the University of Chester

The University of Chester was founded in 1839 by 19th-century prime ministers, William Gladstone and the Earl of Derby, and a former Archbishop of Canterbury and is one of the oldest higher education institutions in the UK. 

With over 19,000 students studying courses ranging from media to health & social care to teaching, the university continues to provide world leading education and research to thousands of people from countries a far a field as the United States, China, Vietnam and many more.