MIC’s Show Episode 5 – Hide & Seek

Will, Cat and Hannah fill you in on all things MIC Showcase in this episode of the Podcast. They also explore the Alice in Wonderland theme in new and creative ways. Don’t forget that the MIC Showcase is on June the 1st at Warrington campus. For more info, visit mediainchestershowcase.wordpress.com



MIC’s Show Episode 4 – Showing Off

The MIC Showcase is all about showing off students work. In this episode of the podcast we talk to the showcase team about the work they’d like to see on show at the exhibit; as well as brining you up to speed on all the other showcase news.



MIC’s Show Episode 3 – All about that stream

Will, Cat and Hannah are back talking all things MIC Showcase, in this episode they quiz the team on the TV show they’d be best on.


MIC’s Show Episode 2 – Alice in Where?

20 days before the MIC Showcase, Will attempts to explain what Alice in Wonderland is about, even though he’s never seen it. And Hannah talks to two of the teams behind the showcase.



MIC’s Show Episode 1 – Getting Started

As the end of year show approaches, Will Cat and Hannah talk all things MIC Showcase and see what the team behind it have been up to.



Cat Radio Special: Remembering Viola Beach

In this Cat Radio Special, we pay tribute to Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe and Jack Dakin, who were members of Warrington band Viola Beach and their manager Craig Tarry.