Student Success: 1

Alvaro Estrada, has had a successful three years studying for his degree at the University of Chester from Warrington Campus. He studied Commercial Music Production and Business Management successfully graduating with a 1st.

The Mexican has had what he describes as “some very good achievements over the years spent in university”. He won’ The Chester Difference Excellence Award’, the ‘Harold Oakley’ award for his “THRD CLTR” album which was his dissertation project and The University Audio Award.

During his time in the university, he has produced 4 albums and more than 15 singles (totalling over 70 finished tracks). There’s a lot of unfinished projects too.

Estrada prides himself on his non-academic achievements too: “I made some cool friends, grew as a person, got a girlfriend, got stronger because of the gym and I was also a Residential adviser for Newton Hall in 3rd year”.

After graduating from the University of Chester, Warrington campus, he took some time to travel the world going to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Italy, France and Spain, and most importantly he visited his family in Mexico.

Estrada said “I am now working as a freelance music producer/mixing & mastering engineer. I am also building and investing in a music recording studio with some friends here in the north of London”.

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